Tom is proficient in nearly every style of music and is a driving force behind the artists’ development and production. His talent, love for recording, and experience as an artist enable him to build a long lasting connection with his clientele. He also specializes in composing music for film, television, and commercial use. This makes him not only a valuable asset for musicians in the studio, but for directors and commercial development firms as well. Within minutes of working with Tom, you are aware that he is extremely passionate about music and shows unparalleled dedication to each project.

Mark was born in Haifa, Israel and has been involved in music his entire life. Mark flourishes most in electronic arrangement, songwriting, and mixing. He majored in music composition with a minor in cello performance. Mark has experience working sound for many clients including Bonnaroo, The Kennedy Center of Performing Arts, and beyond. Since 2008, Mark has been a staple at Full Sail teaching Session and Advanced Session Recording. With his degree in recording arts coupled with his attention to detail, he has the knowledge base and dedication to take your mix to the next level. Mark is fluent with many recording DAWs and is Pro Tools HD Certified.

Jeff Self is a session drummer that far exceeds any expectation you will ever have in a percussive musician. His ear for rhythm, his laid back personality, and performance abilities makes him a pleasure to work with for both musicians and engineers. You can check out Jeff’s work on

John is a classically trained professional violinist for over 30 years. He is proficient in Rock, Country, Bluegrass, and Jazz. He is a music theory major with creative capabilities. John had acquired a very interesting (and amazing sounding) violin at the age of 14. The Red Violin was given to him as a gift after performing with the Russian American Club. The violin formerly belonged to the concert master of the Russian National Symphony Orchestra and was one of the finest violins in Russia after WWII.

Joseph moved from Memphis, TN to major in piano composition. He has a strong blues/jazz influence and has 15+ years experience recording and performing live. He is a great asset for hire for any piano arrangement in all styles and has a great passion for music.


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